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Running Full Screen Video Backgrounds Behind Slide Presentation Content is No Longer a Myth But a Reality. Welcome to the Future of Powerpoint

Written By: admin on March 2, 2010 No Comment

The problem with PowerPoint is that it is exactly the same today as it was 10 years ago. Sure creating a presentation may have changed through the years with Microsoft’s latest interface for example in PowerPoint 2007. But the fact remains that if you are watching a PowerPoint presentation made in PowerPoint 97, and if you are watching a PowerPoint presentation made in PowerPoint 2007 then both presentations look identical. That’s because nothing has changed for the actual presentation itself.


Ten years ago websites were static and optimized for 28kps and 33 kbps modems.  Today we live in a world were online sites stream full screen video, play sound, interact and grab our attentions.  So what happened to PowerPoint? Did it get left behind? Why had nothing progressed with PowerPoint itself?


123PPT.com have been creating the market’s leading PowerPoint templates and presentation media resources since 2003. With the launch of The 123PPT Video Backgrounds Player, presenters can now finally do what they have never been able to do before in PowerPoint. Now every PowerPoint user can insert and play full screen full motion video in their PowerPoint presentations behind their slide content and produce truly stunning PowerPoint presentations. Could this be the end for the way in which we all use PowerPoint? No more PowerPoint templates? After all…when you’ve watched a  full motion video backgrounds PowerPoint presentation why would you want to see a static presentation? And if you’re at a tradeshow or conference and the next presenter is showing a video enhanced PowerPoint presentation with their brand transformed into 3d and playing full screen behind their slide content then why would you want to get up there with your static PowerPoint template and even try to get your audiences attention?


Perhaps what’s so good with this new and ground breaking advancement in presenting is that 123PPT.com don’t simply stop at providing this new software. They provide a full video service, and that is something every presenter knows has been long overdue.


For years now, online companies have been offering “Video backgrounds for PowerPoint”…but what they forgot to tell you was that the videos were themselves never designed for PowerPoint. That they have low frame rates of 15 frames per second or low data transfer rates of less than 2Mb per second so that they break down, become fuzzy and distorted when played at full screen. And then of course there was always the problem that the videos could never play behind slide content anyway since PowerPoint does not and has never support this.


More ground breaking than The 123PPT Video Backgrounds Player and the ability for presenters to now play full screen video behind their slide content, is the release of the 123PPT video service which provides full screen optimized video backgrounds that run at full 25 frames per second and make the most out every presenters wish to have more exciting and more engaging PowerPoint presentations.


So the question remains. Will video backgrounds in PowerPoint change the way we look and create PowerPoint presentations?


Well if we agree with 123PPT then the answer is most definitely yes as they invite us to experience the future of PowerPoint. And whilst there is perhaps undoubtedly always going to be the need to create static unassuming PowerPoint presentations, perhaps it is fair to say that 123PPT might be right in their assumptions. After all what is a presentation if not the opportunity to stand in front of your audience and communicate your message and arguments to them. And what better way can there be to grab audience attention and focus than having a full screen full motion PowerPoint presentation that makes your audience sit up and take notice?

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