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Microsoft Excel – Create Cartesian Coordinate and Venn Diagram

Written By: admin on March 5, 2010 26 Comments

See here a video demo on how to use Microsoft Excel to produce a Cartesian Coordinate Plane and a Venn Diagram.

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bleu1ray says:

love it the excell vids bring out some more cause im actualy trying this shit out and it works

LoAstra says:

Love the venn diagram and all other vids, keep up the good work

quanhottie says:

omg thanks a lot for the venn diagram i was looking online how to do them and couldnt find anything or they were too difficult to understand THANKS

gonewiththewind001 says:

Very good, pal. You must be very proud of yourself, eh?

khushboo82 says:

Thank u sir

Ra0n says:

Thanks.. Now i can do my homework finish (Diagram) :P

jonathanpolkm says:

is there any way to make a venn diagram on power point?

c0cac0ala says:

Thank you! Great job! Cheers

Frlja says:

Extremly helpful, thanks

MachoWally says:

That is a lot of help. But what you don’t show is how to add data into the chart. Thats the problem I’m having.

zahidhami says:

thanx bro it really helped

Think0pink0UK says:

Thaaaaaaaanks sooo much .. :) ))

Bosneanu says:

very good tutorials
keep up the good work

tomsaxophone says:

Thanks for the tutorial mate, very good style. However, that seems like a totally bizzare way to make a Venn Diagram. Surely it must be possible to generate a Venn diagram that is actually to scale, by specifying the numbers involved (perhaps not in excel, although I haven’t yet found another package that does this easily)…

camberwelle says:

can u pls give us the formula?

800Snowflake008 says:

my teacher wants me to make a grid on the computer and i lied i knew how so i can get an extra day to finish my thing but i cant so i learen thanks :) >

ikcti says:

Thanks, now I know how I can make better Venn Diagrams. 5/5

paulosilvamusic says:

mate, thank you!

randomperson1865 says:

how do you number the grid? URGENT**

rjainume says:

This is the worst demonstration of Excel I had ever seen. Excel knows what venn diagram is, all you have to do is
1. Click Insert, then select Diagram.
2. Select “Venn Diagram” from the different options.

And you are done.

Arron413 says:

Thank you so much!

PaulineRobillard says:

i rated 5, but that was before i saw you ignoring Russia describing WW2…

freetutorials says:

Well, I never described WWII… but I mentioned comparing the U.S. with Japan… and then threw in Germany to show a third circle. But it’s all good. )

PaulineRobillard says:

@freetutorials well yeah, you never thought of Russia. it wasn’t on the back of your mind when you thought of WW2. that’s educational propaganda factor, maybe. I don’t know, maybe it’s not that big of a deal though…

86rishabh says:

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