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How to embed YouTube videos in PowerPoint 2007 (no internet connection)

Written By: admin on March 9, 2010 26 Comments

You can embed youtube videos into powerpoint 2007 and make a presentation without any live internet connection. (The videos can be run even if you are not connected to internet).

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ajohnson0527 says:

Thank you so much!!! I have to do a presentation for work and you are a life saver. It was quick and easy. You really broke it down step by step.

rickydepths1 says:

THe program Super is so “super”!!! Cliche lol… but seriously its a good program

HighTuneSinger says:

Thanks for the tips… also…
It works great if you use “zillatube” :—)
It helps you convert to mpg format and embed into powerpoint easily,
and present them offline without the internet at all.

Also helps you play them. (and also convert them) e.g. convert to mp4 or mp3 for ipod/itunes, mp3 player, mpg for windows movie maker editing/windows media player, USB flash drive, handphone, and more)

just google search for “zillatube”, and select the first search result for download…

garrett902 says:

Is there a way to do this in the old version of ppt

ohSOseductive9 says:

omg youre amazing. thaaaank youuu

cuedawg84 says:

same here…it only works on old versions

jaydie1234 says:

why does it doesn’t work??
it is access denied

Jeanne90275 says:

The video downloader for the current version of
Firefox is “adware..” The downloader used in this video doesn’t work with the updated version of Firefox. Anybody know of a safe
video downloader for the current of Firefox, Explorer,or Google Chrome?

Leonatron says:

The sound is very bad on your vids ?
But the subject is great

slaytallicdethrax says:

can i fuck you laura, as a form of thanks

tomjazzz says:

Use ZillaTube to download from YouTube…… at fast speed to your computer, and also convert so easily to powerpoint video file.

Then just insert that video into your powerpoint

just google for “zillatube” It works awesome.

sprootles says:

The Super program you spoke of is no longer free. There’s a charge…

shroomy115 says:

Get Orbit and use Grab++. Grabs any flash video, anywhere.

shroomy115 says:

Umm, no. Check the Super website, it’s still free, and adamantly so.

Tlresbs6 says:

Does anyone know answer to this question?
If I’m putting a youtube video onto my ppt on my laptop which has powerpoint 2007, save it to my flash drive to then take to school and it is an older version on powerpoint, will it work when I get there? I don’t want to spend a couple hours on this and then not have it work.

maggiegirl29 says:

I have never had put movies on a power point before. I just downloaded the Super but it doesn’t have an mpeg option, what should I use instead? I’m totally new to all of this so any help would be great! Thanks so much for posting such a brilliant video, totally helped me (at least up to this point) :o )

hq0013 says:

try saving your ppt as an older version (the version you school has) and see if it plays

Urachka says:

it’s free if you go to their website.

sprootles says:

The easiest (and cheapest) way I found to do it was to download the free uTube downloader. Then, after you dowload the vid, you use the uTube downloader to convert the file to wmv format. Just make sure that you save the converted file in the same file folder as your PP and you’ll be fine. I even used the uTube converter with a vid from another sigt and it converted it just fine. I wasted money on Zillatube, which NEVER worked right and they never refunded me or contacted me like I asked.

Trisssyy says:

Zillatube does work for me though. i just use their latest version – downloaded and converted the video.

Finally just insert into powerpoint.

awsome36000 says:


leonidas14 says:

hope this work with me ;)


ada107 says:

i didn’t get no pop-up??? why??


thank you

bowiechaser says:

Thanks again – this is GREAT help! Fabulous tutorial.

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