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How to create a seating chart in Excel

Written By: admin on March 8, 2010 25 Comments

Creating charts and diagrams may not be the first thing you think of when you use Excel. however, after watching this video you will be amazed at what you can achieve Microsoft Excel.Here is a video demo of creating a seating chart in Excel.

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MrBigDaddyT says:

no doubt he could kick yours, too

richluke24 says:

This is insanely basic stuff lol, Ive designed many nested logic functions and it doesn’t take much effort the whole thing seems a bit slow to me. O.K if your perhaps slightly retarded tho, or of the older genration.

stavroschk says:

Very Nice

DaniaVlogMania says:

awesome dude!! much appreciated!

willnotallow says:


mltbkr says:

very helpful ! great tip on the file cabinet. How would you recommend on indicating whats in these cabinet ?
Thank you

bigbearfla says:

well since you are so advanced make us a video post it and we will comment on it

bigbearfla says:

I have to make a seating chart for an upcoming corproate chairity event. This was very helpful.

AnnabelChao says:

Question: When I trying to format the row height.. the number would not go up to 40 (only up to 5)
and could not get the square look of it.. anybody know why?

Keylianne says:

Is this the same the imac?

SadeTabitha says:

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sajjad329 says:

sir u r a very good teacher.

TVwriter23 says:

If it’s boring for you don’t watch. Go and find one that isn’t boring for you.

raieven says:

This is a great idea, super simple but effective and useful. Thank you!

raieven says:

lol yeah I noticed that too, looked like a victoria’s secret model or something i was like..wtf?

HubbyBunny says:

where did suzy go? she turned into a real foto =O

jceja24 says:

I got 07, so its kind of difficult to keep up. and i cant really see what your clicking on. ;(

califsancho says:


Lethal93727 says:

whoa what happened to Susie!!!

Lethal93727 says:


HubbyBunny says:


GabiRav says:

photo can be added as a coomment!!

philipespana says:

hey, thanks a lot… i really helped me so much.. God bless..

philipespana says:

thanks a lot…

86rishabh says:

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